6 Hacks to Help Your Website Generate More Leads, Sales

1. 识别访客在网页的点击位置和scrolling位置 (Identify where visitors are scrolling to and clicking)

When you know where your website visitors are and aren’t clicking it can help you to reposition your offers from dead zones to areas that attract clicks. A tool, such as Google Analytics, will not only show you where the clicks are occurring but also what traffic/referral source is producing them. This tool also shows you how far down your pages your visitors are scrolling. This tool allows you to test multiple call-to-action locations and know for sure which ones are being viewed and clicked on.

2.安装Live Chat (Install Live Chat)

A lot of business owners assume that live chat is only good for websites that are attempting to generate ecommerce sales. Sure, answering pre-purchase questions can help save sales and chat operators can push consumers toward the sale — but every website can benefit from this simple tool.

Think of a restaurant that is trying to generate reservations and physical location visits. Live chat can help facilitate those reservations and can assist with little things such as clarification of directions. The majority of chat services will integrate with mobile phones so even a business such as a restaurant can have an employee monitoring the live chat. This is a low cost option that can produce noticeable results.

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3. 使用 Exit popup offer (Use an exit popup offer)

Driving traffic to your website isn’t cheap. Even if you aren’t running pay-per-click traffic and paying for every visitor individually, the time and effort that SEO and social media marketing requires essentially assigns a monetary value to every single person that lands on your website.

Most visitors that leave will never return, so why not use every available option to try to convert them? Popup exit offers do a great job at increasing conversion rates. Even the slightest conversion increases should be welcomed. Over time this exit capture can really improve your overall return on investment.

4. 网页加入顾客testimonials 和好评(Include testimonials and trust signals.)

If your website visitors trust your business, they are going to be more likely to make purchases and submit their information. Including testimonials from customers or notable industry partners is a great way to build trust. Showcasing awards, recognition or accreditations such as the Better Business Bureau will also help to make your visitors feel comfortable doing business with you.

5. 实行AB測試(Split test landing page changes- A/B Testing)

Sometimes the smallest changes will lead to the largest conversion gains. There are several easy-to-use tools such as unbounce that will allow you to create multiple landing page versions with slight differences to determine what options convert better.

You can do this with very little coding and development knowledge or experience. Something as simple as changing the color of your action button or changing the text from “Submit” to “Instant Access” can produce shocking improvements.

6. Messenger Opt-in Checkbox

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